Oosterwolde | Hoofdbrug

  • Project number: 09-023
  • Length: 12m
  • Width: 11.2m
  • Class: VK60
  • Construction year: 2009

The lift bridge in Oosterwolde was realized in 2010 as the first composite 60-tonne road bridge in the world. The choice of material was largely determined by the fact that the bridge deck is supported by only two pylons, which are not placed in the middle of the bridge. This required a light material to enable the trap to be moved hydraulically – without counterweight in complicated constructions. This was only possible with composite; this bridge could not have been constructed in steel or concrete. The sustainable character (low maintenance and long life) of composite also played a role. The bridge is 12 meters long and 11.2 meters wide. The bridge deck was transported in two parts to Oosterwolde. Subsequently, the two parts were momentarily coupled together on site.