FRP bicycle and pedestrian bridges

Do you want to install a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge in a residential area, the city center or in an rural area? And would you like this bridge to be sustainable and require little maintenance? Then opt for a prefab FRP bicycle / pedestrian bridge. FiberCore Europe is the inventor of extremely strong FRP bridges. We have installed hundreds of bridges over the past 10 years, in The Netherlands and abroad.

Safe to use

Our FiberCore Bicycle and pedestrian bridges are made from fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP). Our bridges are extremely strong. Moreover, no fatigue or corrosion occurs. This is thanks to our patented InfraCore® technology. So you can be sure that the bridge is, and remains, safe. Also because FRP retains its shape and strength even after years of use.

Low-maintenance and resistant to vandalism

The less maintenance, the less costs. That is also why more and more governments are opting for FRP bicycle bridges. Because FRP has quite a few pleasant properties. The material is insensitive to mold and moisture. UV rays and temperature changes also have no influence on FRP. It is also nice that the material is resistant to all forms of vandalism. Such as graffiti and fire.

Quick and easy to install

We build every bridge in our own factory in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We deliver the prefab bridge to the location. We lift the bridge into place in one go. Thanks to the low weight, only a light foundation is needed. As a result, installation takes little time. The nuisance for the environment therefore remains limited. If required, we (and our international partners and agents) can also take care of the foundation and / or the complete assembly of the bridge.

Custom bicycle and pedestrian bridges

Bicycle bridges are eye-catchers in residential areas and landscapes. Beautiful designs contribute to the atmosphere and appearance. Do you have a unique design? Then our engineers and constructors are happy to make this bridge for you. Composite offers a lot of design freedom, especially in combination with the production technology of FiberCore Europe. Just imagine the options that gives you. Even when it comes to RAL colors, wear layers and types of handrails. We can even execute the bridge with LEDs in the railing. Just to mention something. Feel free to challenge us.

Standardized bicycle and pedestrian bridges

Do you want a bicycle and pedestrian bridge that can be delivered and installed quickly? Then opt for a new standard bridge from FiberCore Europe. They are available in lengths of 6 to 16 meters and up to 4.5 meters wide. And both ultra-sleek and modern as well as classic or rustic. And available in various colors and finishes.

Our projects

In The Netherlands, Europe and far beyond you will now find more than 1000 bridges and numerous lock gates produced by FiberCore Europe. From bicycle bridge in the residential area to the world’s longest bridge span. And from a harbor bridge in the Port of Rotterdam to the world’s largest composite lock gates. And we are proud of that!

Interested? Get in contact

With a FiberCore Europe bicycle and pedestrian bridge you opt for a very strong, practically maintenance-free and sustainable product. You hardly have to worry about it. Do you find this an interesting idea? And do you want to know more about the possibilities? Or do you want a quick quote?

Our secret? InfraCore® Inside

You can fully rely on our bridges. They are extremely strong. This thanks to our unique InfraCore® technology. We developed this technology specifically for building extremely robust panels, without internal gluing or bolted connections. The InfraCore® technology is based on the principle that there is a continuous structural connection of glass fibers between the top and bottom of the construction. This prevents delamination and ensures that our bridges retain their strength and solidity. Even after many decades. Even after 100 years.